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Am i overprocessing my hair?

 So you previously had your hair lightened to  a pale blonde with a full head of foils. You LOVED the blonde and then something happened and it wasn't fun anymore. In a matter of three weeks, there were those "black" roots AGAIN! UGHH! Okay so you decide "that's it! No more blonde!" You decide to go back to your natural color....should be simple, right? WRONG! Here's the reality....once you lighten hair with lightener (bleach), that hair will ALWAYS be lightened with everything that goes along with it. Even if you color it black, it's still technically blonde. There are  proper steps involved in going back dark. You see, when your hairstylist lightens your hair, pigment is being removed, and when you go pale blonde, that's almost all of the pigment. So when you want it back, the hairstylist has to "fill" it back in with all of the missing pigment to the level of depth you are seeking to restore. Orange is one of those pigments. If this is not done, the final color will quickly wash out, leaving you with an orange look. Lets say your hairstylist does the proper procedure to bring your former color love the look.....and it have this urge to be blonde can't fight don't have the guts to tell your hairstylist you want to be blonde again so you go somewhere else. You don't tell them your hair history. This is where I try to impress on you the extreme importance of sticking with one hairstylist that knows your hair history or ALWAYS BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR HAIR HISTORY! If this hairstylist makes you blonde again, you may very well have yourself what we in the industry call a "chemical haircut". 

 If you are going to go blonde, be absolutely certain you want to stay blonde. Your hair will thank you.  


Are keratin smoothing treatments really safe?


Don't be fooled when the label states "formaldehyde free". There are different chemicals that are a form of "aldehyde" that when heated to a certain temperature (like with a flat iron) create harmful fumes.  These fumes can be carcinogenic and just plain bad for your respiratory system. As a responsible hairstylist, I have to consider my health and the health of my clients and anyone else within the salon. For this reason, I will only consider doing this service if I am confident in the product's integrity in its labeling (as with any other chemical service). Please take the time to read the information in the links on this page before you take the step to have this service done with any other product. It may save your health...and even your life....don't kill yourself searching for beauty...Be your own kind of beautiful..

I offer truly formaldehyde-free Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment to my clients. Click below for information:

 Why Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment works 



8 Myths about Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Smoothing Treatments

The "information highway" is a long one. There is so much information AND MIS-information out there that it is hard to figure out who's telling the real truth. Here is a little down to earth information that might help you navigate that "information highway" and avoid crashing.

Click to explore these 8 myths about "formaldehyde-free" Keratin smoothing treatments 

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